I decided to publish the source code of my camshift implemenation via the spark project community. Many thanks to Yossy and all the team. Editing wiki pages with a japanese interface was a funny but also a bit stressing experience ;-) . So you can find the sources here. I called it FaceIt ;-) . I will try to improve it little by little, there is a lot of optimizations which could be done.

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illuA few months ago a lot of people of the Flash community talked about Marinela, a wonderduf implementation of the Haar detection face done by Ohtsuka Masakazu from the spark project community. In OpenCV, there is another face and hand detection and tracking algorithm called Camshift and described here by Gary Bradski. Camshift uses color information to track object into an image sequence. Not only it can detect object position but also retrieve information about object size and orientation. Furthermore it has the advantages to be easy to implement and computationally efficient, which are really good thing for our Flash Player and my precious time ; -) .So last week I tried to implemented it and to test if it could work in Flash.

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Wordpress is a really well-done system. Congratulations to all the dev team!

But as I am a newbie with it,  I would like some plugin advices and tips. If some people read this blog please help me! ;-)

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Surfing on Wikipedia, I found this article about image moments. To be honest at the beginning it just seemed to me to be some ugly maths :-) . But believe me or not, when I read it in more details I discovered really interesting things  ;-) .

Basically moments are often used in physic in order to describe mass repartition of a body. You can derive the “idea” in image processing in substituting mass by grey level of pixel. This can give really interesting  information about pixels repartition into an image.  Indeed, it’s possible to use them in order to find center, orientation and size of a shape into an image. To summary image moments is a way to find all my schema below parameters just with pixels information:


Let’s see how it works and how to implement it in Actionscript.

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A few months ago, I tried to implement a simple class in AS 3.0 to do morphing between two images. I think it could be interesting and cool to share it and explain a bit how it works. You can see below a wonderful geek’s example to illustrate the final result ;-) :

The Flash plugin is required to view this object.

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Hey !

I am really happy  to open my Flash blog where I will be able to present some cool stuffs !

Hope we will share a lot and have fun !


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